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Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of a Triangle

Triangles are one of the most basic shapes in geometry, yet they also have a lot of symbolism and spiritual meaning behind them. In many different cultures, the triangle is seen as a sacred shape that represents balance, stability, and strength. For some people, the triangle is a reminder that we are all connected to each other and to the divine.

Ascension to another realm after death is a topic that is often spoken about in religious and spiritual circles. The triangle is said to be a symbol that carries information regarding this ascension. Some believe that the triangle points to eternity, while others believe it indicates reincarnation.


Solid Sterling Silver Pendant 20mm triangel bezel. Embed ashes, fur, hair, fabric or funeral flowers of a loved one or pet to create a special keepsake in their memory.  Effects and colors can be added to customize. 

Sterling Silver chain in 16" or 18" included

Option to upgrade to a heavier longer chain ($20 to $30)


Free Ground Shipping

Inclusion Collection Kit available here


Each Memorial piece is fully customized to your preference. After placing your order a confirmation email will be sent to gather all the specific details, size, color, and effects choices. Each memorial piece is then created using your selections. Great care is taken in creating a perfect keepsake and the utmost respect is given in the handling your loved one's or pet's ashes (any ashes, fur or hair not used will be returned). Instructions on how to send ashes and a completion timeline will also be included in the email.


View effects on the Effect Gallery Page.


Please visit the FAQ Memorial Jewellery page for more details and information on how to choose your memorial jewellery setting, how to send the inclusions and materials used.


If Express shipping with tracking is preferred please select a Shipping $25

Triangle Pendant Sterling Silver 20mm

Main Color Of Stone
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