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Memorial Jewellery FAQ

 I feel very honoured for the opportunity to create a cherished keepsake.  Losing a pet or a loved one is devastating, and it is my hope that having a beautiful keepsake to hold close to you everyday helps in the grieving process, even just a little bit. I strive to design and create a special piece to reflect their personality and your memory of them. If you have a design or an idea please share it with me and I will do everything I can to incorporate it into the perfect memorial keepsake for you and your family.  

Sending my love and healing thoughts to you - Melody

Do you work with human ashes as well? 

Yes, I create with loved one's ashes and hair, as well as funeral flowers and fabric from clothing.

I work with pet's ashes or fur, and pieces of their collars or blankets if there are no DNA inclusions available. I also create memorial pieces for horses, using mane, tail or ashes.

I can also embed photos into lockets and frame settings.

What are the stones made with? 

The stones are created by using a high quality jeweller's resin. In a unique curing process the ashes, hair, fur, flowers or fabric are embedded into the resin to create a "stone". 


What Color can the stone be?

The stone can be customized to your preference.  By using moonstone powder, mica pearl powder, crushed opal, abalone shell and real gemstones each piece is unique and created to your specifications. The stone can be any color you want!

Yes, they can be multiple colors

*See below for more details about customizing the stones

What are the settings made of?

Settings are available in 14k or 9K Solid Gold, 925s Sterling Silver, 

and Stainless Steel. Custom designed settings are also available

How do I get the ashes, fur, hair or other items to you?

Please mail the inclusions to me. I assure you this is safe, they always arrive!

Put into a ziploc baggie, seal tightly, tape closed, and write your name on the bag.

Mail in a bubble envelope and be sure to put your return address on.

*Please message to get mailing address

ALL inclusions of ashes, fur, hair, mane, flowers, fabric that are not used in the jewellery will be returned to you with your completed jewellery.

How long does it take to get my memorial jewellery or keychain?

After placing the order, payment or deposit is sent, and I've received your inclusions it takes approximately 6 weeks to complete the jewellery and ship back to you. If a custom setting is requested (specially made and designed for you)  an order takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

Customizing the stone - Hidden, Blended or Noticeable Ashes, Fur or Hair

Each memorial stone is customized to suit your preference. There are many colors and effects available to add to the ashes, fur or hair to create a unique and individual piece of jewellery.  You will be given the option to add effects - gemstones, opal, mica, shell, glow in the dark, iridescent flakes on the product page.

View in the Effects Gallery.

Ashes, fur and hair may change the color and effect of the stone. Ashes can be "blended" which means that they aren't as noticeable to the eye. The blended effect will vary depending on the colors you choose. Using the larger fragments of ashes and placing on the surface will make them more noticeable. Using the fine powdery ashes will change the color and appearance of the stone, and can sometimes make it appear cloudy.


It's important to specify what style of placement -

Noticeable (focal point on stone) or Blended (subtle, slightly seen) or Hidden (not seen at all). 

Hair & fur - can be cut into small pieces and "blended" into the stone, or they can be placed on the surface for a more noticable effect. Please specify when ordering.

Noticeable ashes comparison.png

Fur Placed on top

Filigree Ring with fur close up_edited.jpg
horseshoe pendant on box chain web_edited.jpg

Funeral Flower Embedded

Rope Halo Ring close up_edited.jpg
Grey Limbo

Do you have settings that are budget friendly? 

Stainless steel settings are available for keychains,

rings, bracelets and pendants.

(only one style of ring is available)

The stainless steel settings are nickel-free and suitable for most skin types. Stainless is VERY durable, and stands up well to constant wear, and will tolerate being in water occasionally. Stainless steel options are very affordable, starting at $60


Metal free options are available for pendants using a leather cord instead of chain. 

stainless steel bracelet heart bezel ash

What if I require a ring size that isn't in the product options?

Ring sizes that are posted as available in 6, 7, 8 & 9 are only available in those sizes. There are many options ring Sizes 4, including half sizes, up to 14 and will be stated on the product page.


Please send a message using the contact form, or PM on

Whisker & Wings FB page using the Chat feature. 

Custom orders for specialty sizes will take 8 weeks.

gold ring pink stone Chandra.jpg

What do the "mm" sizes mean? 

The "mm" sizes on the product images relate to the size of the stone.

gemstone chart.jpg
oval side hearts MTR149 with rose quartz_edited_edited.jpg

Are chains included with pendants?

Women's Pendants come with a 16" or 18" chain

- unless the design says "attached chain"

Men's Pendants do not come with a chain - but a chain can be purchased by special order

Other Chain options by special order:

Chain Lengths - 20" 22" 24" 30"

Chain thickness 1mm to 5mm

Box Chain - Figaro  Chain - Cable Chain - Curb Chain - Paperclip Chain

Sterling Silver or 10K Gold

chain lengths on adult.jpg
man and woman chain lengths_edited.jpg
rope chain thickness mm_edited.jpg
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