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Whisker & Wings is a small home-based business located east of Edmonton, AB. 

 I pride myself on creating unique handcrafted pet portraits and unique memorial jewellery with ashes, fur and hair.  I use professional grade quality products and source as much as I can from Canadian suppliers.


I strive to paint a very close likeness of your pet with the photo(s) you provide.

 I love to know all the details about your pet's character, personality and quirks

so that I can incorporate that into the portrait. I take great care and time in prepping, painting and finishing the piece. Providing a good quality image is very important

in the process of creating a beautiful portrait of your pet. That being said, I have painted from low quality (polaroid) photos from pets who have passed long ago, using breed as a reference, and lots of back and forth with progress photos. 

When the portrait is completed it is packaged in tissue paper, then bubble wrapped, and placed in a heavy corrugated box surrounded by air bags. I go a little crazy with the packing tape (it's a genetic thing, thanks Mom). It's very important to me that the parcel arrives safely. I always ship Canada Post, but can ship Purolator or FedEx

at an additional cost if that is preferred.

When creating memorial jewellery I take the utmost care while handling the ashes, fur or hair. I select the ashes to perfectly suit your jewellery design and carefully place them into the stone mold. Fur and hair is a bit tricky to work with, and each strand is placed into the stone to create an esthetically beautiful design. After selecting the ashes and fur/hair for the piece, the remaining are sealed and stored away to send back to you. It's very important to me to treat your loved one's or pet's with dignity and respect. 

I LOVE to hear back from customers after they receive their portrait or jewellery!

Yes, this is a business for me and my only income - but it's the most rewarding job I've ever had, and the best part is hearing how much a portrait or memorial piece is loved. 

I care about your pet, your loved one, and your experience with Whisker & Wings. 



I take your Privacy & Safety very seriously. Your personal information is used solely for the purpose of conducting transactions to purchase a pet portrait or memorial jewellery, and is kept only for the current transaction.  PayPal & Stripe third-party banking is available for payment, and direct e-transfer is also available with a security password through messenger.

I will contact you via email after the purchase to verify it was received and

completed successfully, and when you can expect your portrait or

memorial jewellery to be completed.

Use of images and posting to Social Media

I will always ask permission prior to posting personal information on my social media pages or website. I do not use last names, or share from your personal pages (unless permission is given)

Images I've taken of the finished products, portraits and jewellery will be posted, and if requested there will not be any details or information about your personal details or who the piece was created for. I value your privacy.

Reviews and recommendations are truly appreciated! I have many references from past clients, and reviews 

on my FB Page.

Please feel free to share, tag, mention my website , FB, and Instagram!


If you have any questions and would like to ask them in person please feel free to call



Payment Methods
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