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  • How do I order a portrait?
    There are three options to commission a portrait Go to the Shop button and place your order by selecting the style of portrait you are wanting. You are able to add details by selecting product options and adding a message. You will need to send your pet's photos via email If you don't see what you are requiring on the product page, please send a message by email so your a portrait can be customized to suit your needs. A portrait can also be ordered through Facebook, please send a message through my Whisker & Wings Facebook Page
  • How do I send a photo of my pet to be painted?
    You can send a photo through Contact Me via email , or through FB Messenger
  • What is required to book a commission of a portrait?
    There are several steps to confirm and place an order for a pet portrait: Select the size and style of portrait you want (live edge, wood slice ornament, slate) Include the details, name of pet, added options (dates, charms, stand etc) Send photos of your pet - clear closeup photos are required! Three photos are preferred (inside with daylight & no flash and outside photos are best) *Screenshots and social media saved photos are usually not high resolution enough to use, however if that's all that is available other reference photos of breed may be required. Full payment is required to add your portrait into the schedule If there is a specific timeline required to have completed that must be communicated in the intial booking. Most times the portrait takes four to six weeks to complete from time of purchase, however I will accommodate a quicker timeline if possible - please communicate that via email.
  • Where are you located? Do you ship and is there a cost?
    I am located just outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Yes, I can ship anywhere in North America. Shipping costs are extra
  • What is your refund policy?
    Refund Policy link
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