Simple but beautiful!  Classic Cassia oval bezel ring setting has a very popular skinny band with an 8x6mm bezel cup for inlay or stone embedding.  This size works best for single inclusions of ashes, hair or fur.


Choose TWO special effects - mica pearl, gemstone, opal crush, abalone shell, crushed glass or iridescent flakes. "No effects" means the stone will be the natural color of the ashes, fur or hair


Please visit the FAQ Memorial Jewellery page for all of the details and information on how to choose your memorial jewellery options.


Excellent quality and an affordable price for gold jewellery settings.

What is 14K Gold Filled?

14k Gold Filled is ideal for sensitive skin. Durable and resistant to tarnishing. it is composed of a solid layer of gold (1/20) mechanically bonded to a base of copper. The technique used to obtain Gold Filled makes the jewellery very solid, waterproof, and lasts on the average 10 to 30 years with proper care.

Cassia - 14K Gold-filled Oval 8x6mm Ring

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